Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thinking about Monte Carlo playouts

   Finished my homework panic (for this particular half of this particular half of this particular week).

   Now I am reflecting on what a Monte Carlo play-out should consist of. At the moment, each empty spot on the board that isn't a living one space eye gets a number, and then those get played out until a capture happens, at which point everyone gets a new random number. Obviously there's some extraneous work being done there.

   One optimization would be instead of redoing the whole board after a capture, simply inserting new legal moves after a capture at random locations would avoid some work.

   Another would be playing known-to-be-non-capturing moves before a capture simultaneously.

   This is somewhat motivated by Hirabot 1d 19x19 repeatedly smashing me on KGS. Also, 15,000 play-outs in under thirty seconds?! In contrast, Ayabots 1k - 1d only do 1500 play-outs and are clearly over-ranked. So my bot needs to be doing 2-3 orders of magnitude more play-outs in only 30 seconds.

Otherwise, I am doing something (at school) with Geant4. I wonder if Geant4 has something to offer my Matlab go evaluation (because mex is so dependable).

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