Monday, April 6, 2015

ImagingBot playing against itself

   I thought I better post a game. Apologies about the 'game picture' stop measure (using Drago), I have not set up an SGF viewer.
The game ended abruptly with some kind of exception that I need to think about! Black was probably contemptuous of white's last move.

   The parameters for my bot were each move to select six locations, three near enemy stones and three not near enemy stones or the edge, then play out three totally random games at each of those locations, tallying wins and choosing among the most wins for the next move.

   Obviously lots of thought and testing needs to go into what random playouts should be done and how they should be parsed. Mostly I picked small numbers because it's just my Lenovo ideapad hammering away at it.

   My code is in need of ruthless refactoring, which I am quite looking forward to.

   The bot has since been renamed ImagingBot, to reflect its use of image manipulations (and because I later want to rewrite it into C++).

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