Monday, October 5, 2015

Opencv 3 for me

   Embarrassingly my python install, conda and all had caught fire and collapsed for unknown reasons (this not happening being the whole point of conda).

   So I have splashed out into Python 3.4.3 and opencv 3.0.0. I held off on Python 3.5.0 for now. I was looking at cv2.filter2D(...) (why is opencv 3 still being called cv2) which broadly does what it should (for large kernels it does the convolution with the discrete Fourier transform).

   Also I started using vim again, and discovered that it has tabs now! It is my favourite IDE again.

   A page from an odd cookbook, filtered arbitrarily by directionally maximising green channel contrast. It looks artistic. I have written so many pictureless words that any excuse for an image has to do.

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